Welcome to ConnectX – Your Partner in MRO Excellence

ConnectX leads the industry in project profitability, contract, and repair management, backed by nearly two decades of expertise. Our seasoned professionals excel in tailoring NetSuite solutions to the specific requirements of clients across diverse sectors such as telecom, medical, oil & gas, computer hardware, energy, and commercial cleaning.

What We Do

We excel in empowering rental and field service companies to enhance their operations through tailored NetSuite solutions. Our cutting-edge technology streamlines manual processes, resolves reporting issues, and guarantees timely access to resources and equipment, driving cost savings and providing exceptional service to our clients.

Our Mission

At ConnectX, we aim to transform the MRO industry by providing customized solutions that enable businesses to excel in a dynamic environment. Our dedication lies in leveraging NetSuite to enhance operational efficiency, boost profitability, and ensure sustained success for clients across various industries.

Our Expertise

As subject-matter experts, we partner with our clients to craft seamless, end-to-end solutions within NetSuite. Leveraging our deep understanding of MRO, we deliver cost-effective solutions that streamline field service processes, contract management, rental operations, project budgeting, and job costing. ConnectX is committed to empowering businesses with tailored solutions that enhance efficiency and profitability.

Join Us on the Journey?

Partner with ConnectX to unlock the full potential of your MRO operations and embark on a
journey of innovation, growth, and success.