Gain Strategic Wisdom for Your Projects with ConnectX Consulting

Elevate your projects with Epiphany’s seasoned advisors and tech-savvy professionals. Our decades of hands-on experience combined with the latest industry insights ensure your projects are set for success.

Advising & Support

Expert Guidance for Your Business Success

Epiphany brings decades of hands-on and executive experience to provide invaluable insights into your projects. Our team combines seasoned professionals with young tech-savvy experts, offering a diverse perspective crucial for navigating new ventures.

Looking to enhance your MRO equipment management system? Explore Epiphany’s repair management, project profitability, and contract management solutions with our consultants.


Strategic Industry, Process & Technology Wisdom Applied for Long-Term Growth and Success

Leverage our wisdom to drive long-term growth and success in MRO Aviation and beyond. Our comprehensive approach combines deep industry knowledge with advanced technological expertise to tackle even the most complex projects.

Wisdom Provides

A Framework For Growth

Understanding Of Your Unique Business

Optimization Without Conformity

Automation Where It’s Needed

Processes That Match The System

Continuous Reporting & Assessment

Long-term Strategizing That Grows With You

Flexibility Where Your Company Needs It

Hands-On MRO Support

Expert MRO support in a results-oriented price model
ConnectX offers expert MRO support in a results-oriented price model. Our tactical business analysis ensures ongoing operational efficiency, while Business Practicalities provides implementation and guidance for your MRO platform.

Choose from two price tiers tailored to match your business needs:

Answers: Unlimited service for businesses requiring comprehensive support.

Unlimited calls (up to 15 minutes)
Weekly hours use recap reports
Accessibility via phone, email, or our customer center
Budgeting of hours for large projects

Blocks: Flexible MRO consulting without a monthly commitment.

Business Process Mapping

Answers vs. Blocks



Support and Other Service Features

Annual Contract

As Needed

Unlimited calls up to 15 minutes (w/o login to account) Categories

No Additional Charge to Log or Update Cases

No Monthly Recurring Cost

Business Process Mapping (Best Practices)

No Additional Charge to Log or Update Cases



Calls to NetSuite for issue resolution

Functionality Requests

Document Creation

Usage Report Sent Weekly

Graduated cost per hour based on hours purchased


New User Training

Let Our Experts Drive Your Growth

ConnectX’s MRO consulting services are customized to meet your business needs, whether you seek expert advice every step of the way or solutions precisely when you need them. Choose from our premium, comprehensive Wisdom service for long-term planning and success, or opt for short-term Business Practicalities to support ongoing operations.