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When it comes to training there is a continually debunked myth that each learner has a particular Learning Style even though studies have shown that over 71 separate learning-style instruments and theories have been documented in education literature (Coffield et al 2004). In fact, an article on Psychology Today addresses how teaching a student in their “preferred” learning style just doesn’t work. A great example given in the article is trying to teach someone how to play the guitar. Given the main styles of learning, a person would need to use all four to learn this instrument.

Also a study by Massa and Mayer found little difference in learning outcomes when they matched their test subjects’ preferences (visual or verbal) to the learning they were given. (Laura J. Massa, Richard E. Mayer*)

No matter your learning preference, the fact remains there must be material to learn from. From paper instructions to digital walk throughs, some of the most common issues are keeping learning elements organized and up to date.

With Mastery, everything is kept organized in a central location and with Epiphany as your Learning Partner, material is kept current so employees can be confident they are learning the most recent processes no matter their learning preference.

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