ConnectX Solutions

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A comprehensive toolkit for every business.

Inventory Management

Track and control business inventory, orders, sales, and deliveries to optimize stock management and enhance operational efficiency.

Supplies Tracking

Supplies tracking software enables businesses to efficiently monitor and manage their inventory of consumables and office supplies, ensuring seamless operations and reducing costs.

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking to help businesses monitor and manage their physical assets using digital tools such as barcodes and RFID tags to improve visibility, reduce loss, and optimize asset utilization.

Parts Tracking

Parts tracking software enables businesses to efficiently monitor, manage, and optimize their inventory of spare parts, tools, and supplies in real-time.

Raw Materials Tracking

Raw materials tracking software enables real-time monitoring and management of inventory levels, costs, and procurement processes.

Tool Tracking

Tool tracking enables businesses to efficiently monitor, manage, and secure their tools and equipment, reducing loss and enhancing operational efficiency.

Equipment Tracking

Equipment tracking that enables businesses to monitor and manage their assets, ensuring accurate data collection, maintenance tracking, and operational efficiency.

PPE Tracking

PPE tracking enables businesses to monitor, manage, and maintain their personal protective equipment inventory, ensuring compliance with safety protocols and preventing stock shortages.

IT Asset Tracking

Manage your IT assets, including hardware, software, and network components, ensuring optimal performance and security.

Barcode Inventory

Barcode inventory tracking allows businesses to efficiently scan, monitor, and manage their inventory using barcodes, ensuring accurate and real-time inventory control.

Inventory App

Track all your inventory from one place with our innovative app all from your phone or tablet.