Epiphany Platform & Modules

Whatever your tracking needs, ConnectX is here to help.

Make it YOUR Cloud with Epiphany’s Platform & Modules

Discover our prebuilt and interchangeable modules designed as building blocks upon a flexible platform. Let Epiphany customize your cloud to fit your unique business needs.

What is an Epiphany Module?

Epiphany’s modules are the essential building blocks to manage your equipment-centric business effectively. Built on decades of expertise and industry focus, our modules serve as custom assets atop the Epiphany platform, enabling you to fully customize your business processes and make it your unique cloud. We’ve meticulously crafted these modules to address the specific needs of your industry while remaining flexible and adaptable to your evolving requirements.

Epiphany Platform

Epiphany’s platform serves as the foundation for our modules to run seamlessly in your environment. It empowers you to adapt quickly, reduce costs, and select new features to upgrade while tailoring the modules to align with your business processes, making it truly your Cloud.

Epiphany Modules

Our modules result from years of experience working with unique businesses, providing comprehensive solutions that completely customize NetSuite’s cloud features to align with your business strategy. From billing plans and dispatch to budgets and job costing, our modules expand NetSuite to make it work personally for you. With Epiphany modules, you can choose the functionality you need, including all the bells and whistles, to manage your equipment-centric business efficiently.

Custom Additions

While Epiphany offers expertly configured solutions tailored to specific industries and providers, we understand that many operations require unique functionalities. With our modules, you have the flexibility to choose the functionality you need and customize it according to your preferences. Make NetSuite’s cloud your cloud – our team is here to provide customization through scripting and workflow while supporting and training you along the way.